February 12, 2012


Slowly, involuntarily I slip down-
Into the abyss of unconsciousness.
Cognisance erased, a masquerade takes over;
Smiling at a blur of a seemingly human surface.

A mask so tight; moved mountains to get it off,
The unrelenting wretch smirked as I tried away.
Too late in the day did I realize,
Life is but a masquerade all the way.

Don’t trust a happy face, for it lies;
Through gentle glances and warm smiles.
A camouflage it is; through which joy it betrays.

Even as the suppressed darkness travels along,
An unwanted companion, it lingers around 
For a long, long stay.

Divya Rao
February 12, 2012


Anonymous said...

Excellent Di !!

triggered the below in me.

Lost Connection

Through typo we connected ,
with a masquerade on, shared thoughts that makes life,
like sadness, happiness, dreams and aspirations.

When time to remove the mask , drifted a part
time moves on, hence life moves on
connection lost, memories become blur.

But at times deep down in the conciseness of mind , there is a flicker,
to connect and keep the channel of thoughts flowing.

But cognizance of the fact, we live in a different worlds,
worlds that cannot collide or meet.

Can the channel will ever open again?
believer in fate , I will wait
till the time, life hangs on.

Di said...
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anveShaNa said...
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